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1.) By clicking the start button, the Java(TM) Web Start Launcher downloads and installs Tatool. On some systems you have to confirm the download to proceed.

2.) After the installation, Tatool starts automatically. A warning indicates that the application's signature couldn't be verified. In order to proceed, you have to check «Always trust content from this publisher» and press Run.

3.) From now on, you can start Tatool by clicking on the icon on your desktop or start menu.

4.) When starting Tatool for the first time, you have to create a user. You can choose between an English and a German version of Tatool by clicking on the small arrow. You can choose different languages for different users.
Please note: Personal information entered will be visible in the exported data file - you can, but you don't have to enter any information.

5.) On the next screen you can open a Tatool Module file by clicking on "Add" and choosing "Tatool Online Module".
Module files are uniquely identified and can be downloaded by filling three fields: the study number, the module number, and an individual participant code.
Enter a 1 in each field to download the demo task.

6.) Well done! Now you can start your training by clicking on "Start". After a first session you can test the upload to our webserver by clicking on "Upload". To export the data locally, choose "Export".

Important: If you choose to upload your results to our webserver, the personal information you possibly entered earlier will be visible in the data file. We will remove the data on the server regularly.

If you would like to try out the web interface for managing studies and data online, have a look at Tatool Online!

You can use the following demo account:
Username: tatonline
Password: demo